1st Generation

Joe Gadus started as a carpenter before World War II. He had his own business with a partner under the name of Bantam Builders. They built many houses all by hand with the only power tool being a crude circular saw. This is when whole houses were built by one crew and they understood the best way to bring a project to a complete finished house. There was no lack of thought for the next crew on the job because of the simple fact they were the next crew. Attention to detail was a must and provided smooth transitions through the phases of construction. An example would be the straightest framing lumber is reserved for the kitchen because the walls need to be straight in order to hang the cabinets later down the road. This thought process and the fact that you have to deal with any issues on the finish makes the whole project a little cleaner and more refined. Joe left to serve his country in WWII and operated as a field medic. Upon return he continued building, creating homes for a general contractor throughout the capital district.

 Bantam Sign

2nd Generation

Steve Gadus learned from working with his father since he was young. As he developed his trade he furthered the business by forming Gadus & Son Enterprises in the early 70′s as a reflection of all he had learned working with his father. Steve developed a reputation for design with attention to detail. Focusing on building one of a kind custom homes for clients that were looking for something a little more than your standard builder grade home. He created many different homes including traditionally framed, timber framed, and post and beam constructed. Many of these homes were solar passive and extremely energy efficient before green building was really a movement. The working relationships that were formed with clients created a large family that provided repeat business and a respect for time honored craft. It is not an uncommon sight to see a handsaw being used or an old hand plane to fit some of the woodwork, even hear hammers hammering instead of an army of pneumatic guns. He has created efficient work standards using a balance of new and old technologies. Gadus and Son provides an heirloom home with a nod to the traditions of the past, forming working relationships with clients for life.
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 3 Generations Strong
Nick Gadus has been learning the trade from his father. Nick grew up around construction sites and has been helping his father since a very young age. When grandpa Joe passed in 2003 Nick left college to learn the carpentry trade full time. It is important to learn the secrets of the trade as a 3rd generation member of the business. Nick is proud to launch their new brand Modern Antiquity which embraces all the history and heritage that is 3 generations strong. The ideals and work ethic are evident in this family business that continues to provide time honored craft work and professional results no matter how large or small the scope of work is. Here at Modern Antiquity we look forward to working with you and encourage you to join our ever growing working family, with over 35 years of satisfied clients, tradition carries on.