The Saratoga Springs Trifecta

Saratoga Springs can be summed up upon arriving. As one enters the city limits, they are greeted by a decorative sign that states the mantra: Health History Horses. This trifecta is apparent in this small city that plays to the world stage.The first statement of health can be attributed to the city’s focus on small business, a cauldron of mom and pop shops that is a stark contrast to the chain businesses that seem to seep into the commonality of modern life. Main street Broadway is a stunning example of niche stores and eateries that each provide a unique customer experience. The focus is on interaction with the local vendor climate instead of a national chain experience. It is both warming and rewarding to the consumer. There is a feeling of personality and attention to detail. Saratoga also embraces the pedestrian with common walkways, city parks, walking trails, and fresh farmer markets, health is inadvertently ingrained in the city. It is easy to slip into the laid back personal profile of the small city life.

The third is horses, an extremely evident factor in the heritage of this small city. Saratoga is one of the oldest sports venues  in the United States. World wide patrons descend on this  eclectic city for the month of August. The population explodes in the summer and Saratoga Springs is known for its excitement and racing flare. Tradition, beauty, and prestige embody the historical race track a site that must be experienced to be known. Saratoga racing provides entertainment and people watching for the small fare of a couple dollars for admission. Guests can bring their own coolers and picnic baskets. Come one and all to embrace the tradition that solidified Saratoga as common currency in all things horses.

History, is something that is not taken lightly in the spa city.  From the ancient fresh water and mineral springs to the time honored race track traditions, Saratoga embraces the past. The popularity of downtown has led to an ever growing city population. New Construction projects abound, but space is hard to come by. New construction has  moved into the realm of knocking down existing structures with no historical significance, or style.

Our mission at Modern Antiquity is to embrace the Saratoga Springs trifecta and apply these principles to new construction home building. We are focused on bringing back the craftsmanship of the past. Focusing on natural materials, time honored design and style, and gorgeous curb appeal. These homes are steeped in tradition, as well as, longevity. Modern Antiquity tries to carry on the history that has made this city special, providing products that will last for generations to come. These ideas mirror everything that makes Saratoga a staple in the history of American tradition. The future requires a nod to the past and with Modern Antiquity it is the best of both worlds.




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