New Construction Home Building the Old Way

Home building processes have changed greatly in the past century. Modern builders tend to focus on production type builds. Working crews are specialized to specific  tasks throughout the construction process. Aesthetics are kept to functional and speed of completion. This vocational film from the 1940’s is a great look back on how carpenters were responsible for many aspects of a completed home. Skill and detail express the true essence of craftsmanship in America.



Carpenters needed to be aware of the consequences of details down the road. Straightest wall studs in the kitchen to aid in later hanging the cabinets. Solid blocking in the framing to nail finished crown moulding to upon trimming. This attention and involvement in all phases of the building process lends itself to a more refined finished product. This is a lost concept on many fronts in production builds, with the mass view of building the biggest box, the fastest and most affordable. The modern use of the wording quality and luxury has become just that; words. The meaning of these words have steadily lost a sure foothold in the modern sea of vinyl cookie cutter boxes. Modern Antiquity is a concept that embraces the ideals of the past with a foresight into the future, fighting the accepted average of today , returning to the root of these misused words. Only through defying the norm can we begin to bring quality and luxury back into the realm of heirloom longevity.  At Modern Antiquity these words have true meaning.

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